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Global Position

N 47°  47.996'
W 091°  46.596'

Elevation at River Point's Marina on Birch Lake:  1455' MSL

Boundary Waters Canoe Area Wilderness

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Loons and wildlife abound in Canada’s Quetico Provincial Park

Quetico Fees and Regulations

Quetico Park Permits & Rules

Canada's Quetico Park Fees

  • Permit Fee: $20 for a group of up to 9
  • Permit Cancellation Fee: $36
  • Nightly Camping Fee, Adult: $12 (~$8.50 US)
  • Nightly Camping Fee, Under 18: $5 (~$3.50 US)
Canada's Quetico Park Permit Fee is nonrefundable; if a permit is not used, and not cancelled a penalty is assessed.

Canadian Custom Requirements

RABC Fees (Canadian Funds)

  • Adult: $30
  • Family (husband, wife, dependents under 18): $30
  • Non-profit Group:
      Adult: $30
      Group members under 18: no fee if with adult leader

All visitors entering Quetico Park through Prairie Portage or Sagnaga are required to obtain a Remote Area Border Cross (RABC) Pass. Each person must apply for a RABC at least six weeks (but 2-3 months is preferable) prior to their arrival date in order to obtain advanced customs clearance.

Since there is no Canadian Customs station at Prairie Portage or Sagnaga, RABC forms will only be processed by mail, except in emergency situations.

We are not able to secure the RABC for you, nor can we contact the Canadian Customs and Immigration Office on your behalf; all party members are responsible for working directly with the CCIO -- again, we are unable to apply for or intervene on your behalf with the CCIO. Any questions and concerns about the RABC should be directed to the CCIO, as regulations can change from season to season without notice. 

Quetico Park will send out a copy of the RABC application with your permit confirmation. However, we can supply individuals using our outfitting services with a copy of the RABC form which can be duplicated for all party members.

A copy of the RABC form can also be downloaded directly from the CCIO website at, but you will need Acrobat Reader installed to read and print the form. To obtain the RABC form, go to the "to Visit" section on the CCIO website and scroll down to find the RABC/CanPass link, or get it directly by right-clicking here and choosing Save Target As...

Families (husband, wife and youth up to college age) may apply using the same RABC application. Each person listed on the RABC application must have a certified birth certificate and a second form of identification. Youth may use their social security number, school identification cards, or report cards, if a driver's license is not available. Individuals over 18 years of age joining youth or scouting organizations, or visiting as part of an extended family or fishing group, will need to apply on a separate application.

NOTE: Any individuals with DUI or DWI's on a police record should list this under the felony section of the RABC application. Although these are considered misdemeanors in the US, they are considered felonies in Canada. Each application receives a thorough background check, and if this is not listed on the application, the individual may be denied.

The Canadian government reserves the right to deny entry to any individual with the equivalent of a Canadian felony on their police record, no matter how long ago the infraction occurred.

To make the RABC process as hassle-free as possible, please use the following checklist to help plan the application:

10 Weeks Prior to Arrival

  • Secure a photocopy of each party member's certified birth certificate
  • Secure a second form of identification for each party member

7 Weeks Prior to Arrival

  • Fill out forms
  • Double check to make sure all the necessary documentation is included with the forms

6 Weeks Prior to Arrival

  • Submit the RABC applications to the Thunder Bay office listed on the front of the application form.

1 Week Prior to Arrival

  • If you have not received an approved RABC form(s) back at least 7 days prior to your trip's arrival date, contact the Thunder Bay Customs and Immigration Office via the phone number listed on your application. They can update you as to whether the applications arrived by mail, their current status, etc.

Pack for the Trip

  • Make certain you have the approved RABC form(s) and your permit confirmation letter with you when you leave for River Point. Present the letter to the Canadian Ranger to obtain your travel permit, and keep the approved RABC forms on you during your trip.

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